2016-17 Programme

The 2016-17 Programme is composed of the Academic Year (Fall, Winter and Spring Trimesters) and the Summer Seminar

The 2016-2017 Academic Year

FALL TRIMESTER: Sept 19th – Dec 9th 2016
2 week break: 17th – 30th October

  • Kuba Ambrose – Mischtechnik
  • Vera Atlantia – Mischtechnik

WINTER TRIMESTER: January 9th – March 24th 2017
1 week break: 10th – 20th February

  • Jonathan Solter (Jan 9th – Feb 10th) – Acrylics and Oils
  • Amanda Sage (Feb 20th – March 24th) – Mischtechnik

SPRING TRIMESTER: April 18th – June 23rd 2017
1 week break: May 22 – 28th

  • Daniel Mirante – Mischtechnik
  • Li Lian – Acrylics

The 2017 Summer Seminar

SUMMER SEMINAR IN ITALY: – July 8th – 30th 2017

  • Autumn Sky Morrison – Acrylics
  • Laurence Caruana – Mischtechnik
  • Kevin Campeau – Mischtechnik

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2016 Fall Trimester



Come Learn the Subtleties of the Mischtechnik

Come learn the subtleties of the Mischtechnik during the Fall Trimester from September 19th until December 9th, 2016 (with a 2 week break from 17th – 30th October).

 Kuba Ambrose and Vera Atlantia will guide students through the planning, drawing and painting stages of Oil & Egg Tempera Painting in the Mischtechnik.

During this trimester, we will examine the process of Creation itself, both philosophically and in our own creative process.

Utilizing both the tools of the imagination and a keen observation of nature, you will be guided to create your unique work of art.

We will learn and apply many of the principles used by artists during the Renaissance period.

You will be encouraged to use the creative process as a tool for inner exploration and self-reflection.

The workshop will empower you to:

  • Learn the principles of the Mischtechnik: rendering forms with egg tempera & glazing with oil paint
  • Learn the process of direct Alla Prima painting
  • Apply the principles of composition, line, volume, harmony, value & colour
  • Explore your inner vision through guided meditations
  • Draw & paint from life
  • Learn constructive drawing techniques for rendering figures & objects
  • Sculpt 3D models using clay & plaster
  • Use art as a healing tool for personal transformation
  • Examine creation myths of various cultures
  • Connect to the Divine through sacred images & chanting

Paintings have the potential to act as doorways to access higher realms and bring upliftment into our lives. By focusing on the highest vision, we give song to the soul’s aspiration.

We will use mantras, devotional singing and meditation to compliment the process of Depicting the Divine and Bringing us together in Oneness.

It is our intention to create a sacred space which allows all to flourish in their unique expression.
Both beginners and advanced students are welcome!

Join us for a fun and creative journey together!

Testimonies from previous students

“My 10 day retreat with Kuba and Vera was nothing short of incredible. Individually and united, their gentle guidance in meditation and sharing of tremendous artistic skills, nurtured and developed by the late and great Prof. Ernst Fuchs, had me feeling honoured and overjoyed to have the time, space and opportunity to reveal and be informed by my own highest potential, as the beauty, balance and clarity unfolded upon the canvas, layer by layer. A truly moving and unforgettable experience to which one can take back into the world and share. Thank you!!!”Irene Roberts

“Kuba Ambrose and Vera Atlantia artfully created a space for sacred works of art to emerge through each one of us, during Art In Paradise Retreat in beautiful Byron Bay Australia, October 2015. Their teaching and the wholesome environment nurtured us all to create works of art that were of group-heart-consciousness. Both Kuba and Vera presented as deeply compassionate, insightful and sensitive beings- wise for their age. They were adept at holding space for a group to evolve. Nicely drawing on a combination of humour and firm discipline, they guided us to complete our conceptual visions. I experienced the joy of co-creation when the introduction group meditation by Vera inspired my conceptual vision to emerge. The closing meditation by Kuba inspired a poem relating to the same vision. The group dynamic revealed magical moments as we shared meditation circles and sang for world healing and peace. Without a doubt, the experience was deeply transformative.”Chandrika Steinhart

About the Teachers:

Kuba Ambrose

Kuba Ambrose

Biography –  Gallery

Vera Atlantia

Vera Atlantia

Biography – Gallery



2017 Winter Trimester




About the Teachers:

Jonathan Solter


Biography –  Gallery

Amanda Sage

Amanda Sage

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2017 Spring Trimester




To explore the spiritual & contemplative power of image-making, Daniel Mirante will guide you through the venerable principles of the Mischtechnik, a layered approach to oil & egg tempera that evokes the inner worlds – transfiguring visions of the sacred into paint.

At the same time, Li Lian will lead you into the world of dreams, animal spirits & plant knowledge, imparting her highly-crafted & intuitive approach to acrylics on a journey into the transformative & healing power of art.


Testimonies from previous students

“Daniel’s breadth of knowledge is only rivaled by his amazing capacity for patience. I found that he was very present with every student that needed his assistance, and incredibly generous with his time and knowledge. He also is very knowledgeable about philosophy and world religions, which gave the art classes added richness and depth. There is an underlying understanding in Mirante’s work and teaching that art can penetrate the deepest mysteries of life.” Jake Kobrin

“As a teacher, Daniel is able to move the class from uncontrollable laughter to solemn inward reflection in a minute’s time. His dedication to his craft is palpable – he throws his heart into his work and constantly strives to improve himself as an artist and teacher through continuing research and practice. It’s clear that Daniel finds joy in disseminating his immense knowledge and sharing the richness of his mind and spirit. He conveys great beauty in his art, and guides his students towards this goal in their own work. “ – Hadley Seymore


About the Teachers:

Daniel Mirante


Biography –  Gallery

Li Lian


Biography – Gallery



2016-17 Diploma Programme

Attend all three Trimesters by registering for the full Academic Year 2016-17.

Deposit for the Full Academic Year 2016-17

Full Diploma Programme 2016-17
(September 19th 2016 – June 23rd 2017)
Deposit: €600
Registration Closed


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2017 Summer Seminar


Find out more about our three-week 2017 Summer Seminar in Italy