2019 Fall




Enjoy the beautiful city of Vienna
and the company of kindred spirits
while studying painting from professional artists

Experience the direct transmission of art techniques
for a Full or Half Trimester

Part 1: ACRYLICS with Peter Gric – Sept. 16th – Oct. 18th, 2019
Part 2: ACRYLICS & OILS with Kevin Campeau – Nov. 4th – Dec. 6th, 2019

Full Trimester: €3300
Half Trimester: €2000

Part 1: Peter Gric 

September 16th – October 18th, 2019 (5 weeks)




Become inspired by a community of like-minded artists
as we share the gift of our unique visions in a caring, supportive environment.

The Course

During the First Half of the Trimester, Peter Gric will share methods in texturing the paint through decalcomania, scraping and patina to build up the composition in layers using airbrush underpainting and acrylic finishes. Students will create their own planetary landscape as an atmospheric environment for allegorical figures expressing their inner world.  

Acquire the Tools to Manifest your Vision
A Message from the teacher:

“Painting in Acrylics is like driving a racing car. It’s fast, it’s raw, it’s fun – but it can be difficult to handle. The advantages of acrylics is its speed, immediacy and directness. But these very qualities can also be quite limiting for a painter who is not used to it. There are various ways to deal with the raw character of acrylics, like retarders which extend the drying times, or the the airbrush which allows soft gradients, lights, shadows and glazings. Even without these tools it’s possible to render a subtle softness with this technique by using it in layers.

“However, the greatest potential of acrylics is the creation of textures. These can be backed by manifold techniques like Decalcomania, a variety of scraping techniques, and by creating ‘micro-reliefs’ in combination with patination.

“All of these can be applied more or less instantaneously and in layers without any of the restrictions arising from oil painting.

“I’ll go into details with the following techniques:

  • Similarity to the Egg-Tempera “Mischtechnik”, using acrylics in combination with the airbrush for glazing layers.
  • Texturing (Decalcomania, micro-reliefs, scraping techniques)
  • Transferring of drawings and references into acrylic
  • Airbrush underpainting
  • Airbrush masking techniques
  • The use of various acrylic mediums in between layers
  • Surface refinement/polishing of acrylic paintings with acrylic mediums”

The Studio Environment

Peter Gric will be present each day (except Wednesdays for Figure Drawing) to support you in the creation of your own personal vision.

The support network created by a group of international artists leads to both inspiration and dedication.

You do not need to have prior knowledge of acrylics or airbrushing to attend this class. Your passion and desire to participate is paramount.







About Peter Gric

In the early nineties Peter Gric started to discover the possibilities of computer graphics for his paintings. From then on his organic-surreal visual imagery was enriched by complex architectural structures and artefacts. Instead of pencil and sketchbook, he began to design his compositions with 3D visualization software, transferring the virtual reality into painting and finding within this fusion his unique and distinctive style.

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Part 2: Kevin Campeau

November 4th – December 6th, 2019 (5 weeks)







The Vehicle of the Will represents the inner and outer senses joined as one. As we take time to explore creatively in our lives we can begin to realize how many different sensual layers are involved in how that exploration takes place. Our inner senses are often treated as secondary to our outer ones and – depending on how much we actually focus on working with them – may well go undeveloped. As gateways which lead directly to our ability to imagine anything, the potential they have to inform and expand our experiences is vast.” – Kevin Campeau

The Course

From this course you will learn ways to locate, hone and balance your inner senses with your creative practice. 

Over the course of 5 weeks, Kevin Campeau will guide you through the creation of one large work (60 x 80cm) and one small work (30 x 40cm). Centering on the theme of ‘The Vehicle of the Will’, you will acquire a series of practices, from Inner Journeying to Automatic Drawing, to develop the initial ideas, then draw them as fully-fledged compositions on toned paper, and paint them on canvas in acrylic and oil.

The Process

  • First, you will learn the Trifold Approach to Inner Journeying, to help you discover and explore your own inner cosmos. The primary goal will be to connect you with your own inner senses, in the form of Spirit Allies. On the way you will also be inspired with creative ideas for your compositions.
  • Several more Inner Journey sessions will take place to help you go deeper into the process. We will also use creative writing and sharing circles to help remember and integrate your journeys.
  • As examples, Kevin Campeau will also share his own personal experience with Inner Journeying spanning over the past 15 years. These include alternative meditation practices to help expand your connection with the inner senses, develop a personal symbolic language, consolidate ideas and begin building your own Alchemical Memory Palace – dialoguing with Spirit Allies to map the inner territory.
  • After your initial Inner Journey, you will learn different ways of creating Automatic Drawings, both as warm up exercises and as ways to create unexpected movements, forms and contours which may be incorporated into your compositions.
  • Based on select imagery from your journeys, you will then create drawings on toned paper with graphite and chalk, to flesh out your compositions and work out the values.
  • Next, you will learn how create dynamic imprimaturas (base layers) in mid-toned acrylics, as the first stage of your paintings. Then you will create your own neutral tints to begin building up the forms and shadows, balancing these with volumes and highlights in whites. After that, you will move into color glazing with acrylics.
  • During this time, Kevin will also teach you his Vitreous Technique – a way of creating both dark and light glass-like effects.
  • About halfway through the course you will switch to painting in oils, learning how to enhance certain areas with oil color glazes and add finishing refinements and details to comple your works.

“All our activities in the outer world relate to the development of our more subtle inner senses. Along the path of becoming an artist we may begin to focus on just one or two of these ‘hidden’ senses – for instance, into inner seeing or inner touch. Yet there are more inner senses worth developing, such as inner hearing. This helps to give us a fuller picture of ourselves and of others, and of the things we are creating personally and collectively.
As a visual artist, it may seem less important to spend time on ‘hearing’ inner sound. Yet, from personal experience, it is the inner sense which seems to catalyze the most rapid expansion and connection with the others. Take the spoken word for example. We say things that often map our movements – physically, emotionally, psychologically and otherwise. We use our words to then guide ourselves. Words evoke imagery, often memories. One word may have countless images connected to it in your imagination. These are the countless possible portals which can be entered and explored through Inner Journeying.
We have the ability to condense and focus our inner senses, to allow what we consider to be ‘our’ thoughts to speak up for themselves, to show us what they represent and symbolize on a deeper, more essential level. Not only does this lead to transformation and growth for us personally, but when we include these meaningful thoughts in our work, by drawing or painting them directly, something highly intentional takes form which we can then share with the world. This intention is felt by others, it can be witnessed in the vibration of the work of art, and it acts to inspire transformation in others.” – Kevin Campeau

The teacher is present Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm, except Wednesdays which are dedicated to Figure Drawing under our special instructor. The Academy strives to create a non-competitive environment where all levels are accepted.

About Kevin Campeau

“The past decade of my life has been centered on consciously and creatively exploring memory. While journeying within the inner realms, I have come across many different kinds of places containing light and dark aspects, and they have something in common – they contain what I call Alchemical Memory Palaces. These are important transformational centers which are tools which we can use to remember ourselves and our spiritual connection with one another and the whole cosmos. They also serve as founts of creative energy, providing constant sources of inspiration.”

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Testimonial for Peter Gric:

[Full text from De Es:] Peter Gric is a space-warp-painting-machine. His paintings allow us to look around the corners of what the collective human mind considers to be the limits of expressible imagination. First time when I saw a Gric painting, I knew this painter has taken the art of painting a step further. His technique reveals a new precision of space. Fuchs and Giger make unbelievable fine art, technically speaking. Gric is even more FINE. His details are almost subatomic. The magic of his projected illusions comes from the fact that his complex spaces are logically correct. His perspectives are flawless, his space distortions fit perfectly in into the matrix of 3D Euclidean space . The richness of the details flows in unison with the movement of the eye, as it penetrates into the depth of the space-illusion. The elemental reflections of todays physics about the woof and warp of our so called reality with its mind boggling Einsteinian space warp, extra dimensions, hyperspace, world of strings, etc., seem to be naturally integrated in the world of Peter Gric. The evolution of science and technology and the evolution of the art of painting go here hand in hand. Contemporary art of painting in general is dead boring. It has been abstracted to death. It has been shocked to death. Photographed to death. Quoted to death. Mystified to death. Reduced to surface and material. Compartmented to pieces. Gric is an antipode. He is truly “contemporary”.
In that sense I want to add: there is a lot to learn from his meticulous computer supported painting style! I am sure he is also a great teacher! Study with him!
– De Es Schwertberger

Testimonials for Kevin Campeau:

I’ve returned to Kevin as a teacher for several times now, because I really appreciate the unique softness in his style. I really fancy the translucent, gemlike effects in his paintings and the way he plays with transparencies. As a teacher, Kevin is fully present and always there to offer ideas and suggestions. I find his tips very valuable and appreciate that he is not trying to impose them on any of his students. He is there as a guide when needed, but gives a lot of freedom to realize one’s own vision. His approach to Inner Journeying has opened up whole new worlds for me and provided an endless source of inspiration. I’m really thankful for that.
– Janine Fröhlich, Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Kevin takes you from the beginning to your own essence with a deep Inner Journey. It’s an auto-exploration of your true self where you find out latent secrets that you probably had never seen before. If you’re willing, you can transmit it to your empty canvas. With his technique, starting with acrylics, he guides you to paint with your intuition, finding shapes and textures everywhere, bringing form and life to them. This method connects you with your true self and at the same time it can be very fun. He teaches you about light, shadow, composition and colour. His technique is the one that I like the most and I feel most connected with. I love his “Vitreous Technique”, it can become very interactive. I recommend it to everyone! He is a wonderful teacher, very patient and also a loving being.
– Helena Torres, Amsterdam, Netherlands

To say I was blown away by Kevin’s teachings is an understatement. From theory on the canvas, to theories of the soul, there isn’t a better person to learn such a holistic approach of painting than from him. His high caliber of technique and skill condenses his knowledge in a very approachable format that aims to level up artists of any level – from very beginners to experts. He focuses on each person to help them where they are at on their journey and adapts to each artist’s needs, all the while holding true to his own unique vision and unbelievably detailed works. These are my words to anyone thinking of taking the course but not fully sure – just DO IT. As amazing of a teacher that he is, he is also just an amazing all around human, who seeks to inspire and uplift those around him.
– Elias Hartford, Miami, USA

Kevin Campeau is an illuminating teacher with a compassionate approach. He offered me options of what I could do with my painting at critical moments and he also fully supported how to best reach my own ideas. Kevin provides neutral feedback that improved my work and inspired me to get back into the studio after learning with him. Kevin holds a deep knowledge of materials, art history, and he is unhindered when demonstrating and sharing his technique. I would recommend anyone who is interested in improving their technical painting skills and willing to journey deeper into their visionary practices to learn with Kevin.
– Cory Seyler, Berlin, Germany

In my experience, Kevin Campeau is a wonderful teacher because of his undeniable sensitivity. This is demonstrated through the finely tuned painting technique that he has developed, but also through his ability to generously listen to, understand and empathize with all of his students. Therefor, Kevin’s motivation was to guide me discover what I was interested in, leaving me with the knowing that I was deeply respected, understood and upgraded an artisan.
– Stefan Allen Lucas, USA

Practical Info & Registration

The number of students is limited to 20. Early registration is advised (see below to secure your place by sending a 500 Euros deposit)
Classes are held from Monday to Friday from 10am- 6pm with a one hour lunch break.

  • Tuition for the whole trimester with both teachers is €3300
  • Tuition for 5 weeks with a single teacher is €2000

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The balance payment is due before August 31st by Bank transfer.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

  • Deposits are non-refundable.
  • Cancellations must be made in writing and sent to the Academy by letter or email.
  • Refunds will not be given once the trimester has commenced.
  • Once a Trimester has started, only in the case of serious medical condition will a refund of the Balance Payment be given in the form of credit for a future course. Otherwise tuition is non refundable.


  • Students are responsible for their own transportation, accommodation, visa, and health insurance (See Moving to Vienna for recommendations).
  • The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art reserves the right to make changes in curriculum and faculty when necessary.