2019 Spring




Enjoy the beautiful city of Vienna
and the company of kindred spirits
while studying painting from professional artists

Experience the direct transmission of art techniques
for a Full or Half Trimester

Part 1: Casein MISCHTECHNIK with Amanda Sage – Apr 8th – May 10th, 2019
Part 2: Egg Tempera MISCHTECHNIK with Kuba Ambrose – May 20th – June 21st, 2019

Full Trimester: €3300
Half Trimester: €2000

Part 1: Amanda Sage 

April 8th – May 10th, 2019 (5 weeks)


Become inspired by a community of like-minded artists
as we share the gift of our unique visions in a caring, supportive environment.

The Mischtechnik

Our primary focus will be on creating a painting from start to finish, following the step-by-step method of the Mischtechnik. This early European painting technique, which mixes oil and water-based media, was revived by Ernst Fuchs in the 1950’s and is currently in the midst of a new revival through the international Visionary Art scene.

This method is highly conducive to expressing transcendental subjects and rendering visions. Fundamentals of the Mischtechnik have been adopted by many painters working with fantastic and visionary subject matter, as the transparencies and use of light in developing a painting are exquisite.

The power of transmission, when in a focused environment and in a group, is nothing short of magical.

Acquire the Tools to Manifest your Vision

Amanda is committed to supporting each participant to achieve greater depth in their lives and their work. This course will help you become more clear of your path, strengthen your painting skills and empower your truth.

Developing a Mischtechnik painting from the initial drawing to the final stages in oil, you will learn:

  • To explore the use of various materials, such as charcoal, ink, acrylic, casein and oil colors, through presentations, hands-on experience and coaching
  • To expand your tool belt of skills in basic drawing and painting, as well as getting deeper in touch with what you really want to express through your art
  • To study nature and natural law as a foundation for revealing new perspectives
  • To listen to the painting
  • This course will give you tools for creating balanced, harmonic work as well as the tools for life

Amanda explains:
“The time that we spend in creative union is one of the most valuable things we can do for our own healing and living a healthy life. Making Art is not something that is only limited to painting, drawing, sculpture… I believe it is a WAY of life, a perspective, a lens through which we have the choice to live in this life. We will begin by observing what is, expanding our outer lens. As we push the boundaries of what can be, we will draw in the visionary realms of infinite potential.”

The Studio Environment

Amanda Sage teaches in the same way that she approaches her own work, with an open heart and deep commitment. She is present each day to support you in the manifestation and expression of your own personal vision.

The collective magic that happens when international artists come together for five weeks is extraordinary.

You do not need to have prior knowledge of painting or the Mischtechnik to attend this class.

Your passion and desire to participate is most important. For those who have already studied the Mischtechnik, this generous period of five weeks will help you deepen your knowledge and practice while expanding the lens of possibilities within your own work.







About Amanda Sage

Amanda Sage is an artist using her painting as a tool for spiritual and planetary growth and transformation.
Her paintings represent multidimensional aspects of humanness in harmonious balance, inspiring a re-membering of an energetic inter-connectedness that is present and shared with all things.
In 1997 she apprenticed for 2 years in classical painting techniques with Michael Fuchs in Vienna Austria.
This led to becoming a painting assistant to Ernst Fuchs, founder of Fantastic Realism, for 10 years while developing her own style and portfolio as a resident artist at the culture house WUK in Vienna.
Since 2009 she has been based in Los Angeles and influential in networking artists and initiatives while hosting workshops, lecturing and exhibiting world wide.

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Part 2: Kuba Ambrose

May 20th – June 21st, 2019 (5 weeks)








Journey deeper into Symbolism – both in Art and in Life
During this 5-week journey of discovery, you will be invited to create a work of art based on an inner quality or attribute which you wish to cultivate in yourself, such as Strength, Love, Wisdom, Hope, Justice, Courage or whatever your heart desires.  

Together, we will look into the origins of vision, the sources of inspiration and how we can best facilitate the process of birthing an imaginative work of art. 

The Collective Journey

Through a series of meditations and exercises, you will be encouraged to visualize your inner quality or attribute and portray it in a symbolic way.

The main focus of the five weeks will be the creation of an oil and egg tempera painting on wooden panel, using Kuba’s approach to the Mischtechnik

After Amanda Sage’s introduction to this technique in its casein variation, Kuba will deepen your knowledge of the Mischtechnik with egg tempera – making the egg tempera mixture yourself according to your preferred consistency

You will be guided step-by-step through the process, which enables the artist to achieve striking effects of luminosity, translucence & precision

Uplevel Your Skills

Explore key approaches to painting which lead the artist from the initial conception of the work to its harmonic composition and finely-balanced completion.

You will learn:

  • Drawing basics with a focus on line, tone, contrast and proportion
  • The constructive drawing technique
  • Panel preparation
  • Armature & compositional techniques 
  • Colour harmony & temperature
  • Oil paints & pigments – their history & use
  • Medium preparation: solvents, oils & varnishes
  • Colour mixing & a limited palette 
  • Egg tempera preparation & use
  • Demos on how to render various forms in nature
  • Glazing & scumbling methods
  • Creating atmospheric depth 
  • Alla Prima direct painting 
  • Sacred art & devotion – then & now
  • Creative visualization techniques for exploring the imagination
  • Traditional art materials & studio practice
  • Methods for expanding the heart & creativity
  • Art as a vocation 

For Beginners and Advanced Students:

This course is structured to accomodate both the beginner and those with some previous painting experience. Beginners will be introduced to the benefits of painting in oils and working with egg tempera. Advanced students will have the chance to explore new variations in the Mischtechnik, working with a variety of approaches from random forms to planned harmonious compositions.

Kuba explains

“My goal as a teacher has been to transmit those keys and tools which have been most vital in my own craft, in the most clear and concise way possible. Classes are structured to encourage students to expand their vision, develop their technical abilty and express their visual language. I am passionate about the revival of sacred art and the use of art as a devotional practice.”

About Kuba Ambrose

Kuba began teaching in 2010 when he was invited to teach a 10-day painting workshop in Ubud, Bali. Since that time he has taught many workshops around the world, sharing many of the things he has learnt from his teachers, research and discovered in the art-making process. Kuba has been teaching at the Academy since its birth in 2013, often together with his partner, artist Vera Atlantia.

Born in Melbourne, Australia in 1982 Kuba grew up in a Polish speaking family with an deep appreciation for art & religion. 
At an early age he felt the calling to follow in his father’s footsteps to become an artist and was greatly inspired by a dream encounter with the Heavenly Father.
His work primarily deals with the timeless relationship between humankind and the Creator, with nature and the dimensions of the spiritual world.
In 2005 he completed a Bachelor of Art in Painting at RMIT before embarking on a nine month journey to Europe to further his growing interest in Renaissance-period art.

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For more info visit his website:


Facebook – The Art of Kuba Ambrose

Make your €500 deposit for the 2019 Spring Trimester

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Testimonials for Amanda Sage:

I got so much from my training with Amanda. Amanda is a dedicated teacher who will go that extra distance with you until you fully understand the oil and egg tempera Method. I recommend any one interested in a painting training to give her a go you will not regret it. She is also authentic and that shines from her soul.
– Mikaela Perera – Visions in the Mischtechnik July, 2016

I am FULL of love after the Painting With Light Download… Who would have known we were to not only learn a profound painting technique, but also be surrounded by powerful human connection. After this workshop, I have cradled a whole new connection with Light. Every perspective in life holds the pattern of “Light to dark.. Dark to light.” The trees, the birds, the human body.
Amanda, you are a warm teacher, guide, a light, allowing each individual to grow from their current painting process. Thank you.
– Katie Smith – PWL LA wk 1, Feb. 2018

Amanda is one of the exemplars in our day, of human spirit, loving ingenuity, and intelligent powerful devotion. To be with her is to learn from her in every respect, and the course she has taken in life, and the direction she sets and sustains with community .. while she teaches one of the most potent communication tools and art forms on the planet along the way. Conductor is a rightly term. Choo choo goes the peace train, catching up our brushes and inspiring our very, very best.
My words should fail beautifully to express my gratitude for how our paths have crossed and how I feel my life was a kind of preparation for it (artists can be so dramatic); it was how I felt when I first saw Fuchs’ work. Simply like finding the call of spirit, inviting us to come honor the legacy and carry it with us. The train rolls on, and I look out and forward to the beautiful world we are all making together, praying and curing and dancing and painting and eating and singing and on and on. What can I say? Amanda for President? No. Amanda for Sage. All aboard is right. Welcome to the great big dream come true. Welcome to the peace train.
– Michael Maskow – PWL Download LA wk 1& 2 2018

Testimonials for Kuba Ambrose:

My 10 day retreat with Kuba and Vera was nothing short of incredible. Individually and united, their gentle guidance in meditation and sharing of tremendous artistic skills, nurtured and developed by the late and great Prof. Ernst Fuchs, had me feeling honoured and overjoyed to have the time, space and opportunity to reveal and be informed by my own highest potential, as the beauty, balance and clarity unfolded upon the canvas, layer by layer. A truly moving and unforgettable experience to which one can take back into the world and share. Thank you!!!
– Irene Roberts, Australia

Kuba Ambrose and Vera Atlantia artfully created a space for sacred works of art to emerge through each one of us, during Art In Paradise Retreat in beautiful Byron Bay Australia. Their teaching and the wholesome environment nurtured us all to create works of art that were of group-heart-consciousness. Both Kuba and Vera presented as deeply compassionate, insightful and sensitive beings – wise for their age.
They were adept at holding space for a group to evolve. Nicely drawing on a combination of humour and firm discipline, they guided us to complete our conceptual visions.
Without a doubt, the experience was deeply transformative.
– Chandrika Steinhardt, Australia

It isn’t easy to put into words how wonderful the combination Mischpainting, meditation, and singing worked for me. 
The technique of Mische painting obliged me to be patient and this started a process of acceptance and getting calm.
The guided meditations and singing gave a special spiritual and inspiring dimension to the days of painting.
I made a transformational journey inside myself and it made me open my heart.
Vera and Kuba are such a lovely teachers with lots of knowledge, wisdom, creative ideas and skills. And above this they are warm and kind.
I’ve spent the most beautiful days during this wonderful course.
– Francine Bressers, the Netherlands

Practical Info & Registration

The number of students is limited to 20. Early registration is advised (see below to secure your place by sending a 500 Euros deposit)
Classes are held from Monday to Friday from 10am- 6pm with a one hour lunch break.

  • Tuition for the whole trimester with both teachers is €3300
  • Tuition for 5 weeks with a single teacher is €2000

Make your €500 deposit for the 2019 Spring Trimester

The balance payment is due before March 22nd by Bank transfer.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

  • Deposits are non-refundable.
  • Cancellations must be made in writing and sent to the Academy by letter or email.
  • Refunds will not be given once the trimester has commenced.
  • Once a Trimester has started, only in the case of serious medical condition will a refund of the Balance Payment be given in the form of credit for a future course. Otherwise tuition is non refundable.


  • Students are responsible for their own transportation, accommodation, visa, and health insurance (See Moving to Vienna for recommendations).
  • The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art reserves the right to make changes in curriculum and faculty when necessary.