2020 Spring




Enjoy the beautiful city of Vienna
and the company of kindred spirits
while studying painting from professional artists

Experience the direct transmission of art techniques
for a Full or Half Trimester
With Daniel Mirante – OILS (MISCHTECHNIK)

Join us for the full 10 weeks – Apr. 6th– June 19th, 2020 (with a one week break)
Or, attend just the first half – Apr. 6th – May 10th, 2020
or the second half – May 18th – June 19th, 2020

Half Trimester: €2000
Full Trimester: €3300

SPECIAL €500 DISCOUNT for Full Trimester: €2800

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Daniel Mirante 


Become inspired by a community of like-minded artists
as we share the gift of our unique visions in a caring, supportive environment.

The Course

Join us for a special journey into the deep craft, methods, materials and symbolism of the perennial tradition of sacred painting.

This course transmits the traditions and techniques of the ancient lineage of sacred art and unites with our new visions, to give you the means for self-expression to share with the world.

Acquire the Tools to Manifest your Vision

  • A highly regarded instructor and space holder, Daniel Mirante will guide you into the pathways and approaches taken by a particular lineage of painting, which can be traced from the 14th century painters of the Italian Renaissance like Botticelli, Mantegna and Da Vinci,  to Symbolist painters of the 19th century like Gustave Moreau and Jean Delville.
  • In general, a large-format painting on canvas will be developed, first in charcoal and chalk, then modelled with tempera grassa, then explored in colour via oil glazing.  This technique gives paintings a rich luminosity, depth & complexity.
  • After a series of exercises, you will create the main work in a ‘tempera grassa’ version of the venerable Mischtechnik, where the egg tempera is weighed towards the oil and mixed with resins.
  • Special attention will be given to de-mystifying preliminary basics of painting, such as what the various mediums and pigments actually are, how they can be made, and what they are traditionally used for.
  • During the course, you will also learn Daniel Mirante’s ‘Soffio’ technique – an approach to painting that uses egg tempera recipes with specific behaviours, including a unique medium for spraying then rubbing off tempera.
  • Through a series of steps, you will explore ways of composing your work along harmonic principles, with meditations and internal exercises to develop your understanding of the language of symbols & archetypes – as well as techniques of nested composition, to develop a ‘work of magnitude’.
  • And, through a variety of readings, presentations and visualisations, you will explore the spiritual and contemplative power of image-making.

The Studio Environment

Within an atmosphere of fun, lightheartedness, and the energy and support offered by the group, you will develop a more focused comprehension of the potential role and mission of art in the current times, and bring your art into a closer intimacy with your truth and intentions.

Whether or not you are new to art and painting, it makes no difference ~ this journey is designed to initiate the Creator inside of everyone. Daniel works with both complete beginners and more experienced artists, identifying constructive pathways of development for the emerging or accomplished painter.






About Daniel Mirante

Daniel Mirante is a gifted painter, teacher and writer – at once imaginative and articulate – who shares with students a wealth of insights into the artist’s craft. He brings to our syllabus a wide range of interests, from metaphor, symbols and allegory to traditional artist’s materials and photography, bricolage and collage as an aid for painting.

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Testimonials for Daniel Mirante:

“Daniel has achieved technical mastery of painting grounded in deep understanding of the chemical behavior of paint coupled with highly specialized knowledge of the history, aesthetics, tradition and philosophy surrounding sacred, spiritual and esoteric art. He generously shared his knowledge and experience in his Introduction to Oil Painting Mediums workshop in Italy and throughout the Visions of the Mischtechnik seminar. It was a pleasure to be his student! I learned the essentials of why and how pigments, binders and modifiers should be combined and applied, and, more importantly, felt that Daniel recognized and encouraged the strongest elements in my painting.”
– Joanie Conwell

“Daniel Mirante was my teacher at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art, where he taught (among other things) classically derived painting technique in the approach of layers of oil paint and egg tempera. His breadth of knowledge is only rivaled by his amazing capacity for patience. I found that he was very present with every student that needed his assistance, and incredibly generous with his time and knowledge. He is a man that lives for the subject that he teaches, and this shows in every one of his classes. He also is very knowledgeable about philosophy and world religions, which gave the art classes added richness and depth. There is an underlying understanding in Mirante’s work and teaching that art can penetrate the deepest mysteries of life.”
– Jake Kobrin

“As a teacher, Daniel is able to move the class from uncontrollable laughter to solemn inward reflection in a minute’s time. His dedication to his craft is palpable – he throws his heart into his work and constantly strives to improve himself as an artist and teacher through continuing research and practice. It’s clear that Daniel finds joy in disseminating his immense knowledge and sharing the richness of his mind and spirit. He conveys great beauty in his art, and guides his students towards this goal in their own work. “
– Hadley Seymore

“I have had the honour of being taught by Daniel Mirante at two workshops so far where I learnt the intricacies of the mischtechnik (egg tempera oil painting). There is so much to learn from him! Daniel is a generous, thorough & sensitive teacher, & shared all manner of techniques & secrets, some of them rare & ancient. His teaching style was very encouraging, & he has a lightness of being, sense of humour & friendliness that I feel helps his students successfully produce works of the quality of established artists.”
– Patti Dragonfly

“It freed me from years of creative block and frustration with my lack of skills. The safety, acceptance and love shown… allowed this to happen easily and naturally. I enjoyed the format, level of technical teachings and presentations very much. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who wishes to express themselves with a paintbrush… A truly healing and magical journey “
– Aoife Brown

Practical Info & Registration

The number of students is limited to 20. Early registration is advised (see below to secure your place by sending a 500 Euros deposit)
Classes are held from Monday to Friday from 10am- 6pm with a one hour lunch break.

  • Tuition for the whole trimester is €3300 – Save €500! SPECIAL OFFER: €2800
  • Tuition for 5 weeks with a single teacher is €2000

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and make your €500 deposit for the 2020 Spring trimester.

The balance payment is due two weeks before the start of the trimester.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

  • Deposits are non-refundable.
  • Cancellations must be made in writing and sent to the Academy by letter or email.
  • Refunds will not be given once the trimester has commenced.
  • Once a Trimester has started, only in the case of serious medical condition will a refund of the Balance Payment be given in the form of credit for a future course. Otherwise tuition is non refundable.


  • Students are responsible for their own transportation, accommodation, visa, and health insurance (See Moving to Vienna for recommendations).
  • The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art reserves the right to make changes in curriculum and faculty when necessary.