2020 Winter




Enjoy the beautiful city of Vienna
and the company of kindred spirits
while studying painting from professional artists

Experience the direct transmission of art techniques
for a Full or Half Trimester

Part 1: ACRYLICS & OILS with Olga Klimova – Jan. 7th – Feb. 7th, 2020
Part 2: ACRYLICS with Li Lian Kolster – Feb. 17th – March 20th, 2020

Full Trimester: €3300
Half Trimester: €2000

Part 1: Olga Klimova 

January 7th – February 7th, 2020 (5 weeks)


Become inspired by a community of like-minded artists
as we share the gift of our unique visions in a caring, supportive environment.

The Mixed Technique

During this course you will create two works following a multi-layered mixed technique based on the core principles of the traditional Mischtechnik. This old masters’ approach to painting alternates between oil glazes and water-based white layers (usually in egg tempera or casein) to create luminous effects. Revived by the world-renowned Fantastic Realist painter Ernst Fuchs, this method is used today by accomplished Visionary artists from around the world, due to its unique ability to show transparencies and render the complex realities of the transcendental world.

But, this complex oil technique also requires sufficient time and patience for each layer to dry. In this course you will learn the traditional way of old masters, as well a faster-paced and more contemporary approach, adapted to the flow of modern life. Olga’s unique version of the traditional Mischtechnik gives you the tools to manifest your vision quickly and more efficiently. Time management in painting is also an essential part of her curriculum, since it plays such an important role in becoming a professional artist.

Acquire the Tools to Manifest your Vision

Developing two Mischtechnik painting from the initial drawing to the final stages in oil, you will learn:

  • Prepare extra smooth surfaces required for this technique of painting
  • Learn and utilize two different approaches to the start of a painting: starting with an idea (working from a sketch); and starting with no idea whatsoever to discover new ideas (working from an abstract background)
  • Create a detailed and organic background pattern, in order to get the creative process started, using fluid acrylics, water, special brushes and tools
  • Composition and design principles
  • Utilizing digital media in composition
  • Unusual angles in portraiture
  • Conveying emotions in artwork
  • Working with a variety of media such as acrylics, oil and casein
  • Different glazing methods and recipes
  • Color theory
  • Mischtechnik and its modern adaptation
  • Alla Prima direct painting, or wet-on-wet method
  • Depth and atmospheric effects
  • Using meditation as a tool to get insight into reality for better understanding, visions, as well as stress management
  • Becoming a professional artist with time management
  • Web presence and social media

The Class Environment

Olga Klimova has a great passion for transferring her knowledge to the next generation. Not only is she a full-time artist and third generation of professional teachers in her family, but she also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, and a Master’s Degree in Business.

She will take you on a collective journey to becoming a better and more efficient painter, as well as encourage you to get more connected to the world through your art. Although the greater part of her curriculum is dedicated to painting techniques, she also makes an effort to share everything she knows about the business and marketing of art.

Olga’s studio approach is very individualized. She will take the time to conduct private interviews, in order to see and learn more about your work, your style and your strengths, as well as the specific issues you struggle with and wish to improve in yourself.

Such an individualized approach makes it possible for all levels to be welcomed to her course.







About Olga Klimova

Olga Klimova brings a wealth of techniques to her teaching, from finely-detailed figures to free-flowing brushwork and vibrant colours. The Russian-born artist started painting as a direct result of deep mystical experiences, followed later in life by a practice in Vipassana meditation. Her art is the on-going attempt to re-connect with this deeper level of consciousness while sharing its blissful state of being one with the world.

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Facebook – Olga Klimova


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Part 2: Li Lian Kolster

February 17th – March 20th, 2020 (5 weeks)







Connect with your Spirit Animal as a Guide into Painting

Li Lian Kolster is an artist and teacher whose personal background and highly crafted work has itsroots in shamanism and traditional plant medicine. She returns to The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art to teach acrylic painting with the subject of Spirit Animals, offering her unique perspectives for those in pursuit of creating visionary art.  

Studio time will be accompanied by guided shamanic meditations and chanting tailored to assist students to journey more deeply into their inner world.  Li Lian will guide you into a deeper connection with your spirit animal, to receive visions and inspiration for your painting.  During these 5 weeks, you will also be led step-by-step through the various aspects of constructing a painting.

Some Course Highlights:

  • This class will introduce the concept of ‘spirit animals’ as powerful, guiding allies during your journey.
  • After a guided meditation, you will be given time for sketching your visions, making notes, and collecting ideas for the drawing which will become the basis of your painting.
  • You will learn how to construct an effective composition.  We will cover basic drawing and the placement of line, as well as the distribution of colour and contrast.
  • Through the concept of ‘value strings’, you will learn a direct approach to painting. By developing an understanding of how values work in colour, you will be able to effectively distribute the lights and darks in your painting whilst taking colour into consideration from the start.
  • You will learn the basis of colour theory, how to mix colours, and how organise the paints on your palette for an effective approach to direct painting.
  • Through practical demonstrations, presentations and one-on-one guidance, you will learn how to create volume, form and texture.
  • Working from from your pre-mixed paints, moving from general to specific and then finer details, you will acquire the techniques to work more efficiently with acrylics – from brushwork and blending to the handling of the medium.
  • The use of reference material: we will observe forms in nature, study anatomy, and learn how to incorporate these into your own unique vision.
  • Li Lian will also share important tips on how to render natural details such as fur, feathers and eyes, to help bring your painting to life.

For Beginners and Advanced Students:

All levels of experience are welcomed.   Li Lian is experienced in supporting those new to painting and will adapt the structure for more experienced students.  For those familiar with the Mischtechnik, this course will provide an interesting alternative approach to painting. 

From her own shamanic practice, Li Lian will share how to work with your animal spirits. Students will be encouraged to connect more deeply with their guides and explore the possible messages they may have.  These ‘journeying exercises’ will be held throughout the course to accompany the evolution of the paintings.   

About Li Lian Kolster

Born in the UK, Li Lian was equally fascinated by science and art as a child, spending many long hours making drawings inspired from nature and the imagination. At the age of eighteen, she followed the conventional path of science, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry (Imperial College, London), followed by a Masters Degree in the History of Science.

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Facebook – Li Lian Kolster Artworks


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Testimonials for Olga Klimova:

     I highly recommend taking a workshop with Olga. She has a really unique and intuitive approach to how she creates her work. Her style and process stems from insights gleamed through hundreds maybe even thousands of hours of meditation.
     I really enjoyed how playful and free her process starts and how it evolves from the subconscious into well sculpted cosmic-scapes and beings.
     It was only my second time touching oils and I feel like I got a really good initial grasp of them. She also does a great job in explaining the Mischtechnik that Fuchs rediscovered and passed down through the lineage.
     Olga has a super fun personality and is always pumping up the class with her quirky ways. But at the same time, if you ask her to push you, she will take you to your edge.
     I created a really breakthrough painting with her and developed the fundamentals of painting portraits as well as using oils. I would recommend her to beginners and advanced artists alike.
– Gage Kelsey

My experience as a student of Olga Klimova for a 5 week course at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art was Amazing. She teaches with a strong desire to help and inspire everyone in her class, and she really brings experience into the classroom. She is so enthusiastic in the way she teaches that it really motivates you and she gives you the confidence to push further in your own abilities. Her technique in particular was very appealing to me, and what I was able to create in her class is still one of my favorite paintings that I have ever made. It really gave me the building blocks to bring my style of painting to a new level. I look forward to learning more from Olga in the future and I look at my time as her student as a wonderful decision as an artist.
– Michael Brinker

Practical Info & Registration

The number of students is limited to 20. Early registration is advised (see below to secure your place by sending a 500 Euros deposit)
Classes are held from Monday to Friday from 10am- 6pm with a one hour lunch break.

  • Tuition for the whole trimester with both teachers is €3300
  • Tuition for 5 weeks with a single teacher is €2000

Click here to register and make your €500 deposit for the 2020 Winter trimester.

The balance payment is due before December 31st by Bank transfer.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

  • Deposits are non-refundable.
  • Cancellations must be made in writing and sent to the Academy by letter or email.
  • Refunds will not be given once the trimester has commenced.
  • Once a Trimester has started, only in the case of serious medical condition will a refund of the Balance Payment be given in the form of credit for a future course. Otherwise tuition is non refundable.


  • Students are responsible for their own transportation, accommodation, visa, and health insurance (See Moving to Vienna for recommendations).
  • The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art reserves the right to make changes in curriculum and faculty when necessary.