2015 Seminar

UPDATE – March 2015:

We have now reached our 20 person capacity and so
registration for the 2015 Summer Seminar has now closed.






Torri Superiore

David Heskin - Mischtechnik

David Heskin – Mischtechnik

Andrew Gonzalez - Air Brushing

Andrew Gonzalez – Air Brushing



Come spend 3 weeks
in a 14th century Alpine Village

Studying Painting
in the manner of the Old Masters


the Direct Transmission of



Communal Living

~ Organic Food ~
~ Yoga ~
~ Chanting ~


In Torri Superiore
An Eco-Village
In the Foot-Alps of the Italian Riviera

~ Plus: A Trip to Damanhur! ~

Torri Superiore

Torri Superiore

Aloria Weaver - Glazing

Aloria Weaver – Glazing

The Misch gang

The Misch gang

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Torri Superiore is a labyrinthine village of spiralling stairs & narrow passages, built from the local limestone in 1300. In this cosy & creative atmosphere, students will develop two Original Works under the expert guidance of Experienced Artists…

Now in its 7th Year, the Seminar offers 3 Weeks of Intensive Teaching. Students will study intensely under two teachers while benefiting from the instruction of the third. Under David Heskin, select students will learn the mystery & alchemy of the MischTechnik. With Aloria Weaver, others will gain new insights into Glazing. And Andrew Gonzalez will offer his unique approach to the Airbrush.

Tuition for the course includes 3 Weeks of Full Accommodation in 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments (a less-expensive tent option is also available…) with 3 full meals per day.

Each Student brings their own Unique Talent to the Seminar. …Yoga, Chanting, Live Music ~ the opportunity for leading or participating our group activies is endless. One weekend we’ll have the chance to visit Damanhur’s Subterranean Temples of Humankind.

The hill-top eco-village of Torri Superiore is a small community where the inhabitants live in harmony with their environment, practicing Permaculture & Sustainable Living. We will become part of village life ~ sharing in communal meals prepared by the local chef from fresh and mostly organic ingredients grown in the surrounding fields…




This year, students will work intensely under Two Teachers ~ focusing all their efforts into two panels that reflect a profound grasp of the technique: MischTechnik, Glazing or AirBrushing. Upon registration, students will state their First & Second Choices of teachers (David, Aloria or Andrew), & we will organize the class according to the balanced needs of the teachers & students. All techniques will be demonstrated to all students, but the student will focus on two techniques closely supervised by their teachers. David will teach the MischTechnik using your own Visionary Composition, Aloria will teach the Glazing Method on a Portrait based on photo references, and Andrew will teach his Air Brushing technique following an improvised design or a prepared Visionary composition.




David Heskin will lead the instruction of the MischTechnik, a “Mixed Technique” where the aqueous preparation of white egg tempera is alternately layered with luminous oleo-resinous glazes to create opalescent & transparent effects. Artists have utilized various combinations of oil- and water-based media since the early invention of oil painting ~ uniting these seemingly incompatible elements through the alchemical vessel of the egg.

For David’s panel, students should come prepared with a Drawing on a Visionary subject, 12” x 16” in size, along with reference material relevant to the colors, forms & concepts of their composition. A minimal line drawing is fine, while a drawing with more developed value relationships will better serve to clarify the rendering process. Students will add value & contrast to small sketches of their composition before commencing with their full-color painting.

Concurrently, Aloria Weaver will lead her students through her Glazing Technique. This layered approach is almost identical to the MischTechnik, except both the Whites and Color layers will be applied in oils. Instead of a water-based egg tempera white, the oil-based whites will provide a pearly iridescent ground for unique translucent hues to be built up over multiple chromatic glazes.

Under Aloria’s careful guidance, the participants will develop a Portrait from photo references, gradually building up the painting layer by layer, intuitively adding elements to develop a glowing, life-like portrait. Students should come prepared with numerous references for the portrait (photos, sketches), in the actual size that they will be painted. The finished size of the panels is 12″ x 16″, allowing enough space for a near life-size portrait. By working from photo reference, the portrait is not subject to the ever-changing conditions encountered in the interaction between natural daylight and artificial studio lights.

Students with no prior experience ~ have no fear! ~ these oil techniques are very forgiving, allowing changes & alterations at each layer. We accept students at all levels of experience ~ from beginners to advanced. For artists accustomed to acrylics, the transition to oil & tempera is a rich & rewarding experience, allowing for new explorations in oil’s unique opalescent effects.

Participants should bring their own Oil Paints & Brushes (For those without oils, lots of sharing took place in previous years…) We will provide the easels, the prepared panels, the ingredients for making the painting mediums and for washing brushes. A list of recommended colors & brushes is included in the file: Required Materials.





seminar2014.gonz.280w copy

Our seminar also offers the more Modern technique of AirBrushing. Andrew Gonzalez will introduce his students to the subtlety & power of this unique instrument.

Through a layered process of Spraying & Erasing on claybord, you will learn how to gradually render figures with soft shadows, radiant light & gentle atmosphere. A fully-equipped ‘AirBrush Station’ will allow students to work side-by-side with Andrew at allotted times. Participants may come prepared with a Drawing 12″ x 18″ in size ~ or improvise a Design through patterns & stencils gathered in Nature (leaves, flower petals…).

AirBrushing, Andrew reminds us, is one of Art’s most Ancient Techniques. In the caverns of Altamira and Lascaux, Paleolithic artists left behind imprints of their hands by spraying red ochre on the wall. The very act of spraying transfigures the pigment, creating an ethereal imprint of air itself, with no interposition of the brush. The Alchemists of old called it Sublimatio ~ the elevation & transformation of the baser elements into air.

All in all, students will gain an in-depth understanding of new techniques and acquire new Ways of Seeing ~ under the guidance of all three teachers. The techniques of the Old Masters require discipline & dedication. We will paint each day, all day ~ while pausing for a decent lunch and using our evenings to explore all the facets of visionary creation in a more informal manner. Sundays will be reserved for excursions or exploring the fabulous Nature around Torri Superiore.





Torri Superiore is unique: a small hilltop village that consists of one labyrinthine building built on five varying levels and containing some 162 different vaulted chambers. The Associazione Culturale Torri Superiore has established its small community through a world-vision based on sustainable agriculture & permacultural design.

Torri Superiore’s Cultural Association is happy to host our painting seminar, providing us with a studio space while offering students full accommodation (a bed plus breakfast, lunch & dinner). Since most participants are struggling artists or students on a tight budget, we have taken great pains to find accommodation that is both interesting & affordable.

Torri Superiore is an Eco ~Village that aims for sustainable living; their prices are reasonable & variable. Since most of the food is grown organically and shared communally, the price of accommodation includes breakfast, lunch & dinner (which will always include a vegetarian option ~ Raw, Vegan or gluten-free diets can also be accommodated).

Accommodation is in Old European-style Apartments or the less expensive option of Tents. Most Apartments contain 2 bedrooms (sleeping 2 people per room) plus a bathroom. These thick-walled, vaulted chambers have plenty of character, and some have balconies overlooking the Ligurian hills. For the cheaper Tent option, Torri Superiore offers a grassy space on terraced slopes shaded by Mimosa trees, with a beautiful view onto the distant Alps. In Torri’s building near by, individual bathrooms (including a shower, sink & toilet) are provided for campers. Participants choosing this option must bring their own tents & sleeping bags.

Since this is a Summer Seminar, we will take full advantage of the beautiful Alpine setting. Students can go swimming in the fresh-water Swimming Grotto or hiking along trails in the mountains. All meals may be enjoyed on the large terrace overlooking the treed hillside…

Students will also have the opportunity to learn and experience Sustainable Living. Permaculture is a form of long-term planning in which an integrated model of life is developed so flora, fauna & humanity may interact harmoniously & holistically. The Associazione Culturale Torri Superiore is a founding member of the Italian Permaculture Academy and belongs to the Global Eco-village Network; it has no religious or political affiliations.




The 2015 Seminar will include an Optional Day Trip to Damanhur’s Subterranean Temples of Humankind. This will be organized during the seminar once all the students are present. We will hire mini-buses with drivers for the 3 hour trip, and the interested group will spend the afternoon touring Damanhur’s grounds & temples before returning later that evening. The price will be 66 euros for the Damanhur Entrance Fee, plus around 50 euros for the bus rental.

The History of Damanhur began on a summer night in 1978 when eleven friends sat around a campfire and watched in awe as a meteor slowly passed overhead. Taking this as an important Augury, they spontaneously began digging into the Vidraco hillside. Construction of the Subterranean Temples continued in secret for another 13 years ~ until the Damanhurians themselves unveiled to the world their Temples of Humankind.

As Alex Grey has written in his book on Damanhur: “We were introduced to a virtually unprecedented collective of devoted artists, craftspeople and villagers who had founded a new way of life.”

The Temples consist of long Subterranean Passages leading to 7 different temples dug some 5 storeys deep into the hillside. Each temple is ornately carved & illuminated by glowing orbs or stained-glass ceilings. All the columns & walls are covered with Visionary figures, forming a complex iconography dedicated to spiritual unity.





sem2012.activities.280 copy

The number of Activities is endless, depending on what you, the student, can bring to the group. Nevertheless, a steady stream of events seems to happen spontaneously and almost effortlessly.

In previous seminars, one student led a Yoga Class, another gave Tai Chi lessons, and a third formed a Chanting Circle. Music was our constant companion, with impromptu collaborations between students, guests & residents. One night a group of musicians from Naples gave a concert of Tarantellas while the seminar students came up with a Live Painting. We’ve had Guided Visualizations, Drumming Circles, Trance Parties, Pizza Nights & Midnight Walks through the Alpine Hills. Torri Superiore is blessed to have a stunningly beautiful Swimming Grotto close by, where students often cool off in the late afternoon and get in touch with Nature’s majesty & grandeur.

Italian Beer & Wine were readily available through the ‘trust fridge’ (drop €2 in the box, take a bottle…) and one of Torri’s villagers offers special Cocktail Evenings. Sitting on the large balcony overlooking the beautiful hills, conversation lasted late into the night. Sunsets were spent at the Village Ruins atop the hill, and painting in the studio went on all through the night.

The Students demonstrated how Visionary Art is indeed an international phenomenon. They have hailed from such diverse places as Argentina, Brazil, the Sinai desert, Australia, Turkey, Malta, New Zealand, & all quarters of Europe and the U.S.A (from Scandanavia to the Mediterranean; from Long Island to Hawaii!…) Each brought the distinctive taste of their own culture with them, and offered a global perspective on the present transformation of world-consciousness.

At the end, a Farewell Party is always held, including an Exhibition of the students’ works. The friendships forged during the seminar lasted long afterward.

After the Seminar, more activities naturally develop. In the past, groups of students have visited Damanhur or Ernst Fuchs’ Villa in Vienna. One year, thanks to Laurence’s arranging, students worked with Ernst Fuchs at the Apocalypse Chapel in Klagenfurt, Austria. Another group toured Europe before going to the Boom Festival in August. After a vision at Torri Superiore, Jimmy Bleyer went on to found The Temple of Visions, a gallery in Los Angeles which exhibited many works from former seminar students.

The possibilities are endless…


* Due to available studio space, the number of places is limited to approximately 20 places
* Places are reserved on a first come, first serve basis.
* Last year’s seminar was entirely booked up by May.
* To reserve your place, you must register with a deposit.

* Deposits are non-refundable (but will be held for the following year)
* Last date for reservations is June 1st.
* The balance of payment is due by June 1st, 2015.
* Students are responsible for their own transportation.





~ incl. 3 Weeks Full Accommodation ~
July 4th – 26th, 2015

~ Tuition ~ ROOM Accommodation ~ Full Board ~
€ 2300
(approximately $ 2900*)
~ A € 500 Deposit is required ~

~ Tuition ~ TENT Accommodation ~ Full Board ~
Subtract 15%
Hence, the REDUCED PRICE is
€ 1950
(approximately $ 2600*)
~ A € 500 Deposit is required ~

All questions may directed to Florence Ménard:


:* 22 nights of accommodation at Torri Superiore
* Full board: breakfast, lunch & dinner.
* Tuition for the 3 week Seminar (with lessons from all 3 teachers)
* Painting materials (mediums, panels, easels)
* A farewell dinner

~ ~ ~

* Tuition for the Seminar includes teaching 6 days per week, 7 hours per day
* Classes are held 10:00 – 1:00 and 2:00 – 6:00, Mon – Sat.
* Accommodation at Torri Superiore begins Saturday July 4th and ends the day of Sunday July 26th. Classes begin on Monday July 6th and end on Friday July 24th.
* Room accommodation is in apartments, most with 1 or 2 people per room.
* Tent accommodation is in a shaded grassy area near the main building. Campers must bring their own tents and sleeping bags.
* The choice of sleeping places in the apartments will be decided by the organizers, based on gender considerations (e.g. keeping couples together, separating women from men). Please request if you wish to be paired with someone in particular.
* Breakfast, lunch & dinner will be mostly organic with vegetarian options. Special dietary needs (vegan, gluten-free etc) are accommodated.
* For the painting seminar, we will provide materials like ingredients for the medium, prepared panels, easels and brush cleaners.
* Students must provide their own oil colors, brushes, palettes, bottles and jars. See Required Materials.


* All prices are per person.
* Prices are in Euros.
* For other currencies (dollars, pounds), the current conversion rate will be used at the time of payment. This will be calculated automatically through PayPal or credit card agencies. For bank transfers, we will use the current rate listed at xe.com.
* Payment may be made in Europe through bank transfer and in the rest of the world (incl. the U.S.A) through PayPal.
* The reservation deposit is non-refundable.
* Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the seminar.
* Students are responsible for their own health insurance. Registration for the seminar constitutes a waiver on the participants’ part regarding injuries or illnesses sustained during the seminar.
* In the unlikely event of the seminar’s cancellation, all payments will be refunded, minus 5% of the deposit for administration costs.





David Heskin ~ DavidHeskin.com
Aloria Weaver ~ AloriaWeaver.com
Andrew Gonzalez ~ Sublimatrix.com

Thanks for your Interest in our Seminar!
We hope to spend some great times with you…

~ David, Aloria & Andrew ~